The 5 types of hat crowns you need to know

Today we bring you a very special post. If in other blogs we talked about “The 12 types of hats you need to know” or “The definitive guide to choose your ideal hat”, it is necessary to go a little deeper into another of the most important characteristics of a hat: the types of crown.

This way, you will be able to choose more consciously and be much more accurate when buying the perfect hat.

Each one of the crowns has its own characteristics and details. Are you ready? Keep reading!

The most famous types of crowns

There are a variety of crowns, although the most common are five. All of them are easily identifiable if you pay attention to them.  

Round Crown

This type of hat crowns are unmistakable due to their dome shape. Besides, they will not present any wrinkle thanks to their shape and are usually used in Pamelas or cloché hats.

tipos de copa redondaCenter dent

It has a single fold in the center of the crown with a depth of usually 1-2 inches. It is widely used in Fedora, recognizable by the “pinch” shape it creates. 

tipos de copa partidaDiamond Crown

Its name derives from the diamond shape it has when viewed from above. Although it is the least worn style of these five, its design makes the hat more elegant.

tipos de copa diamanteIn short, it is a goblet shape formed by four folds and a curved appearance. It is typical of contemporary models. 

Water drop or teardrop crown

This type of crown is halfway between the split and the diamond crowns. It has a teardrop shape when viewed, again, from above. This figure makes the crown more pointed at one end and slightly curved at the other.

tipos de copa teardrop

Oval crown

The oval or round crown is easily recognizable by its simple circular shape. It is much more prevalent and is a distinctive attribute of Porkpie hats. This crown provides a classic elegance and a retro note.

tipos de copa oval

Do you already have your favorite? Can you tell which one you use the most?

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Fernández y ROCHE.

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