The hat’s protocol

Is there a specific protocol for hats?

We all know that this had been an essential accessory to clothing until the 1950s. No lady or gentleman was fully dressed without their hat and, therefore, had to be governed by rules that everyone knew.

protocolo antesToday, the hat is no longer an essential accessory, it’s considered just another accessory.

Like many other rules of etiquette, those of hat use have become much more flexible, perhaps because of ignorance or because they simply do not adapt to today’s pace of life. However, there are still rules that govern its use in certain situations. Do you want to know the current protocol? Read on!


From Fernández y ROCHE we bring you several rules that currently rule the way to wear a hat, some almost in disuse and others already rooted in our society.

protocolo sombrero

  • Whenever you sit down to eat at the table you should take off your hat, especially if it is an enclosed place. Outdoors, in summer and in full sun, it can be allowed to be used as a protective element.
  • As an exception, you can leave your hat on in hotel lobbies, airports, on train and subway platforms, etc.
  • Something we have inherited from the old protocol is that unmistakable gesture of greeting. When doing so, you should take off your hat as a sign of respect, just as you do while having a conversation.
  • Hats should be uncovered when a country’s national anthem is played (even if it is not your own), as well as before the national flag.
  • The hat should also be removed when in a funeral procession.
  • As a civic rule, if you are blocking someone’s view, at a movie theater, theater or concert, it is obviously polite to remove your hat.

protocolo pareja

In general, the use of protocol is reduced to being polite or not and not as a basic rule of dress. Now that you know some of the premises to keep in mind, would you like to put the protocol into practice? Get your man or woman hat made in Fernández y ROCHE, what are you waiting for?

Fernández y ROCHE.

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