The style guide for hat lovers

This style guide not only helps you think about how to choose the best hats, but can also inspire you for future outfits!

Through this new post, we reveal the best kept secrets about the use of the hat and how to combine them.

The hat as an accessory

The hat is the most visible element of a look. It stands out among other elements, it can radically change the style and be the key piece to turn a dull set into one of 10.

However, as it always happens, knowing how to combine such a specific accessory as a hat is not always easy. It is necessary to know what type fits us, the size we will use and certain tips that will help us a lot.

For those who look for a model, as much to take it daily as for special occasions, in winter or in summer, we have elaborated this guide of style.

You can learn more in our post “The definitive guide to choose your ideal hat”.

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Discovering the hat

There is no better way to choose the ideal hat than knowing everything about it. Do you know the parts of a hat?

Choose a hat according to the shape of your face

As it is evident, when placed on it, the face will be key to see you perfect with a hat or discard it directly. Wearing it should provide balance and aesthetic harmony to your appearance.

Based on the types of face we show you in the post “The definitive guide to choose your ideal hat”, you should measure it and know what morphology your face has. Help yourself from the post about the types of hats to discover which are the most suitable models.

elegir tu sombrero ideal

If you have an oval face, you’re in luck! You have the perfect face to wear any kind of hat, whatever it is!

However, you can’t forget to choose the one that corresponds to your face morphology (nose, eyes, hair and personality).

elegir tu sombrero ideal

If you have an elongated face and fine features, try to choose shapes that compensate for the length by volume, to create the feeling of a short face. For her, the capelina will be perfect. For him, better a Fedora or a Panama.

elegir tu sombrero ideal

If you have a round shape, you will have to choose the hat that harmonizes and hides the shape of your face. The best options are the Fedora, the Trilby, the traveller or the top hat. Why? They are wide brimmed hats that will highlight your features. Avoid the bowler, the Porkpie and the capelina.

elegir tu sombrero ideal

If you have a “heart” shaped face and a narrow jaw, opt for round shaped hats and short brims. We recommend you to take a look at models like the bowler hat or the Trilby. Fedora and top hats should not be on your list of favorites.

elegir tu sombrero ideal

If you have a square face, angular jaws and defined features, it becomes evident that you need to smooth and round out the contours. You will therefore need a model with a rounded and/or wide winged silhouette. We recommend the Fedora, the bowler, the traveller and the Trilby. On the other hand, avoid shapes that remind you of your face like Porkpie.

Don’t forget, it’s all about balance!

A way to hide your complexes?

If there’s something on your face that you feel the need to hide, don’t worry! The hat is perfect for diverting attention to other virtues.

  • Long brimmed hats are more concealing than short brimmed hats.
  • Tilting the hat forward takes the attention away from your nose and your forehead.
  • If your face is elongated, a hat tilted to one side helps cut the lines.

In any case, it is obvious that, to wear a hat, you must be confident enough to wear it to its fullest. It is an accessory that needs to be worn with determination. Its greatest attraction is that it has no middle ground: it is not enough to dare to wear it, you have to master it!

How to know your hat size

You must surround the face to get an exact measurement, placing the tape approximately one centimeter above the ears. In the case that you get a result between two sizes, it is better to choose the upper one.

Outfits according to your style

Whether it’s to consolidate a style or to break dress codes, hats offer endless possibilities to combine the perfect look.

For summer use straw and lightweight fabric hats.

For the mid-seasons you have a lot of options. Since one day is cold and another hot, it is best to wear hats according to the day: straw hats on hot days and Fedora hats for when the cold dominates!

For the winter, look for hats with thicker fabrics, those that keep your head warm and protect you from the rain.

As a tip, it is best to opt for contrasts!

Have you found your ideal hat? Have the style guide always close!

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