Prado men's baseball cap

  • Cap made in a waterproof fabric.
  • Baseball cap model.
  • Navy and olive colour
  • Designed made in Spain.
  • Made in Italy.

Hat sizing chart
Hat sizing chart
Hat size EUHat size UKHat size USINCHESInternational
55 63/4 67/8 215/8 S
56 67/8 7 22
57 7 71/8 221/2 M
58 71/8 71/4 227/8
59 71/4 73/8 71/4 L
60 73/8 71/2 235/8
61 71/2 75/8 24 XL
62 75/8 73/8 241/2

Everything you need to make a hat fit perfectly. You will need to measure the circumference of the head using a seamstress tape measure. If you don't have it, you can use a string and then measure it with a ruler.

It should be measured at the level where a hat normally rests, this is over the ears and in the middle of the forehead. When you measure, hold the tape firmly but loosely.

In the case of a gift, or having difficulties measuring the head, as an orientation, on average men use a 58 cm measurement and women a 56 cm measurement.

  1. If you are of average height, medium top hats and small brims are the best option for you.
  2. If you are tall, you can afford to wear wide-brimmed hats and short crowns.
  3. Every time you try on a hat, pay attention to the fit. This should fit exactly, not squeeze and stay in place.
  4. The brim of the hat should not extend beyond the shoulders.
  • S
  • M
  • L
  • XL
  • 128-NAVY
  • 200-OLIVE
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The Prado cap, a single baseball style model. Made in a water resistant fabric, it is perfect for cloudy summer days, both for the qualities of the fabric and the colours it displays. Italy and Spain come together in the realization of  this model being designed in Spain and manufactured in Italy.


Casual and sporty looks will be the best ally for this baseball cap. Its colours favour the combination with all those outfits you could imagine. It will ensure that fashion is not at odds with comfort and a taste for dressing well. In summary, an excellent wardrobe essential.

Manufacture taking care of every detail

The baseball cap or baseball visor appeared in the United States in 1860, evolving to the current one that has a longer visor and a more structured shape. Its function has not varied excessively and it continues to function as an eye protector against the sun, in addition to being a tool for the distinction of teams in the sport of Baseball. They are usually sewn in six parts and with a closure on the back that can work with velcro, with a metal closure or simply be closed and therefore sold by size. In the upper center it is very common that they are decorated with a button or metal or fabric eyelets that favor ventilation There are also mesh fabric on the back for the same purpose since they are caps oriented to physical exercise. Its manufacture consists of several phases that correspond to the entire process of pattern making, cutting, weaving, assembly and finishing of the model. After its design, we proceed to create the patterns of the pieces that make up the area that fits on the head and the visor, which is followed by the cutting of these pieces in the fabric chosen for the model. With the interlocking of the pieces already in the final fabric, a certain consistency will be achieved and that the shape of the cap remains naturally, even so, being made of fabric allows it to be handled without losing its shape. Once the pieces are finished and the element that will give it hardness has been inserted into the visor, it is assembled to finish the shape of the cap. These models are fully lined with simple or padded linings that, once the cap is finished, will be attached for greater comfort. Having everything finished, it only remains to put the accessories that the design requires.

A care for a unique piece

It is not allowed to wash with water, bleach or dry on this type of material. They cannot be tumbled or ironed.

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