Koldo Mexican palm hat with strap

  • 100% Mexican palm hat
  • Natural color
  • 8.5 cm brim and 10.5 cm crown
  • Brown/beige strapelastic headband
  • Handmade
Hat sizing chart
Hat sizing chart
Hat size EUHat size UKHat size USINCHESInternational
55 63/4 67/8 215/8 S
56 67/8 7 22
57 7 71/8 221/2 M
58 71/8 71/4 227/8
59 71/4 73/8 71/4 L
60 73/8 71/2 235/8
61 71/2 75/8 24 XL
62 75/8 73/8 241/2

Everything you need to make a hat fit perfectly. You will need to measure the circumference of the head using a seamstress tape measure. If you don't have it, you can use a string and then measure it with a ruler.

It should be measured at the level where a hat normally rests, this is over the ears and in the middle of the forehead. When you measure, hold the tape firmly but loosely.

In the case of a gift, or having difficulties measuring the head, as an orientation, on average men use a 58 cm measurement and women a 56 cm measurement.

  1. If you are of average height, medium top hats and small brims are the best option for you.
  2. If you are tall, you can afford to wear wide-brimmed hats and short crowns.
  3. Every time you try on a hat, pay attention to the fit. This should fit exactly, not squeeze and stay in place.
  4. The brim of the hat should not extend beyond the shoulders.
  • S
  • XL
  • Natural
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The Koldo hat, a men's Mexican palm hat. Made in Mexico with 100% natural palm.

Classic and versatile model

It is a classic model in a versatile quality, in addition, it is accompanied by a braided brown/beige cord-style strap, giving it a Texan touch typical of the country of origin of the fiber. It has an 8.5 cm brim and a 10.5 cm cup and also an elastic chamois for greater comfort. The elaboration of a true Mexican straw hat is the result of a long and delicate process carried out in caves due to the need for specific humidity conditions. Its process involves 100% manual work that begins with the collection of the palm buds. This process is divided into different phases: scratching or incision to form the "strands", bleaching of the palm (only in some cases), mooring of the bottom of the cup, weaving of the wing and trimming of the excess of the strands. Variations in the color and dimensions of the palm are due to its completely natural origin and are another example of the authenticity of the item.

Our hats are true works of art

Our hats are unique, true works of art crafted by hands that have been able to collect through generations the wisdom of an ancient tradition that resembles the astronomical cycles that the ancient Mayans considered sacred. It is in our factory where we shape the crown and the brim of the hat, to later dress it both inside and out. For the manufacture of a handmade hat, the last is essential to give the hat its shape, which at first is a circular plane and before being inserted into the mould, it is transformed into a conical piece to facilitate its handling. This shape is given pressure and heat with machines that are reminiscent of hydraulic presses that have the last for the hat incorporated in their lower part. This procedure is essential heat, the desired shape for that model of hat is obtained in a fixed way. With the shape of the cup created, the wing is formed according to the design. In this phase, ironing with a large amount of steam is very important, an element that will be very present throughout the general process. This step is carried out by hand by a factory worker with each of the hats that are made. When shaping the wing, it too is trimmed to the specified length. Finally, the hat would go through the sewing workshop to be finished with all kinds of accessories such as ribbons, bows, sweatbands, leather straps, etc.

Cares to consider

1.-HYDRATE YOUR MEXICAN PALM HAT: When you notice that your hat becomes dry and stiff, apply steam from an iron at a distance. In this way, your hat will gain flexibility and you will notice it less brittle.

2.- STAINS: Since palm is a fiber very similar to paper, using an eraser (of the classic Milan type) will remove most stains. However, there are others that need a little more skill. In these cases, try to remove it using a soft sponge moistened with water and coconut soap. If this does not work, it is better to take it to an expert milliner for a diagnosis of the possible repair.

3.- WHEN PUTTING ON AND REMOVING YOUR HAT… do not press the cup with your fingers. If you pinch your fingers in the crown area every time you take off and put on your panama, it may sooner or later break and frost, since it is the most delicate area of ​​the hat. Therefore, the ideal is to put it on and take it off either by holding it by the brim or by manipulating it delicately, subtly and softly by the cup.

4.- ALWAYS CLEAN TAPE AND SHEATH: To remedy this, use a cotton cloth moistened with water and coconut soap , gently rub the fabric where those unwanted sweat stains have formed. Once this is done, use the steam from the iron to make it perfect again.

5.- HEAT AND THE MEXICAN PALM: If you expose it to high temperatures (such as inside a car), the heat will dry out a fabric like the palm. Solution? Avoid leaving or storing your hat in places that reach excessive temperatures.

6.- WATER AND MEXICAN PALM: Palm hats are used for times when the sun can cause discomfort. Therefore, they are not waterproof. If it ends up getting wet for any reason, you have to give it a clean cloth and then dry it naturally in a ventilated place. To avoid warping, never use direct heat sources such as dryers, radiators, or heaters. Don't leave your wet hat in the sun's rays either, or it will roast!.

7.-HOW TO STORE THEM TO KEEP A PALM HAT INTACT: use a hat box with the appropriate size to store and protect it. With it you will prevent the hat from receiving blows and from being deformed or broken by the pressure of other objects.

The Koldo model is a functional hat designed for sunny days and in which many hours will be spent under it. Even so, it is also perfect to add a distinctive feature to any look. Why not a more Texan look? Cotton tank top, open shirt and denim jeans and galloping on summer days.

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