5 reasons why Panama is the hat of the summer

The hat of the summer is, with no doubt, the Panama. Do you want to know why? Today we show you 5 reasons why this unique accessory should not be missing from your closet. For its timelessness, its fabric, its function in relation to the sun, its versatility and its use extensible to the spring, today we dedicate the post to the hat of the summer: the Panama.

1.- It avoids the sun in summer

The Panama hat is a basic summer product, as it protects you from the sun, prevents unwanted burns and irreparable damage to your skin, and all while you enjoy the sunshine of the hottest months of the year.

sombrero del verano panamaHats usually have brims that, more or less, give shade and protect from direct sunlight. This will help us avoid premature aging of the skin, dehydration and the appearance of spots and irritations.

2.- The power of versatility

Are you more of a shirt, jacket and tie guy, or do you prefer a casual style? However you look, you’ll always have a unique accessory with you. The hat of the summer, the Panama, will be the perfect accessory for the moments that require certain formality as well as for those of the day to day.

panama outfit para hombreAll you have to do is choose which men’s hat suits you best and you’re done!

3.- Unique fabric

In Fernández y ROCHE we guarantee the quality of the materials of the Panama, especially in what concerns the fabric.

The capelins or bases on which the Panama is based can only be manufactured in Ecuador, so they come directly from artisan workshops in that country. The realization of these bases constitutes a handmade and generational work, declared World Heritage of the Humanity in the year 2012 by the UNESCO. 

Panamá hatsIt is in our factory where we shape the crown and the brim of the hat, to later dress it both outside (by means of a ribbon, a strap and/or a bow), and inside with a cotton chamois. 

And how do you know if the fabric is the right one and, therefore, if it is a real Panama? This hat has certain characteristics that make it unmistakable when it comes to distinguishing a real one from one that is not.

  1. By the smell: if it does not smell of anything it is obvious, it’s fake. Panama hats, being made of straw, must have a characteristic smell.
  2. By the touch: unmistakably, a true Panama hat will have a silky touch.
  3. By the weaving: turning the hat over you will be able to see the rings that have been formed as the hat is woven. The more rings it has and the less holes between the weave, the better the quality of the Panama hat.

4.- Summer and… spring!

The use of Panama is not only reduced to the summer months. Spring is also a favorable season to wear this type of hat due to the heat and high temperatures it can reach. As long as the sun disturbs, always carry your panama with you.

Fernández y ROCHE Panamá hat5.- Timelessness

Fernández y ROCHE’s Panama, whose artisan characteristics and original materials make it a high quality one, will be accessories that will admit more uses than any other. They will become accessories that will pass from generation to generation without losing an ounce of their personality. In short, the materials and its craftsmanship will make the hat have great durability.

panama sombrero del veranoNow that you have reasons to get a Panama hat for men, you can take a look at our collection to choose the one that will be with you for years.

Fernández y ROCHE.

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