There are many reasons to wear a hat and yet very few know them.

Whether it’s to avoid the negative effects of the scorching heat of summer or to cope with low temperatures in winter, there are no excuses! Not only do they help regulate our temperature, but they also turn out to be one of the most versatile and faithful accessories you can count on.

Do you want to know more and find out what the reasons are for wearing a hat? Keep reading!

1. Avoids the sun in summer

Almost everyone knows which is the season par excellence for wearing a hat. It turns out to be a must for the summer, since it protects from the sun, prevents unwanted burns and, why lie, it looks great!

But this is just the beginning.

One of the biggest reasons to wear a hat is to avoid irreparable damage to the skin. It’s true that we all want to have a young, radiant and healthy skin while enjoying the sunshine that the hottest months of the year provide, and for that, only sunscreen is not enough!

Hats usually have brims that, to a greater or lesser extent, provide shade and protect from direct sunlight. This will help us avoid premature skin aging, dehydration and the appearance of spots and irritations, and also maintain a super natural skin tone!

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2. No more frizzy hair in winter!

Yes, you read right… hats can protect you from the cold! In particular, they prevent you from getting your hair wet from rain or frizzy from humidity (something that has been a constant goal throughout the history of clothing).

In this case, you can choose hats with or without wings, as any model for the autumn/winter will be suitable for their purpose.

motivos para llevar sombrero

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3. Timeless style

Protects in winter and summer, and is also a most sought-after accessory for personalities in the world of fashion and style!

However, in Spain we are still reluctant to wear hats. Why? We are not used to wearing them despite the fact that throughout our geography it is very cold or very hot. Don’t you think we are the best ones to make them even more fashionable? We come to think that you even need to have a certain knowledge about fashion to wear a hat – nothing like that!

motivos para llevar sombreroThere is a wide range of possibilities, for all tastes, styles and needs. From the most traditional hat to the headscarf. As an example, a simple jeans outfit can change radically when you add a hat. So, whether it’s a Fedora hat, a gatsby hat, a stylish beret or a youthful Porkpie, you should wear it!

Another reason to wear a hat is that it is a versatile and timeless accessory, since you can wear it in both hot and cold seasons, at all kinds of events and practically any part of the day.

So, it’s not just a matter of fashion, but it’s also a full-blown health exercise that none of us should do without. Aren’t these reasons enough? There are no excuses anymore!

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