The definitive guide to choose your ideal hat

Hats are a basic accessory any time of the year and look good with almost any outfit. However, today there are still prejudices with this type of accessories, largely because we have internalized that a hat can not fit us well and that is a thing of the past. But when we see an influencer or personality wearing one… we love it!

That’s why today we’re going to show you how to choose your ideal hat without dying in the attempt, so that you can also wear it without any kind of complex. First of all, it is important to inform you about the types of hats that exist through our post “The 12 types of hats you should know”, so you can evaluate the alternatives that we are going to recommend.

Without further delay, go ahead!

1.Choose your ideal hat according to your face type

Before delving into the different types of face, you need to know how to know which one is the most suitable for your anatomy. To do this you just have to measure your forehead, your cheekbones, the line of your jaw and the length of your face with a tape measure, it’s just 4 steps!

  • Measuring your forehead: place the tape from one side of your forehead to the other. Measure from the highest point of the arch of one eyebrow to the highest point of the arch of the other one and record that number.
  • Measuring your cheekbones: measure the distance from the top of one cheek to the other, i.e. the protrusion just below the outer side of each eye.
  • Measuring your jaw line: determine the distance from your chin to the bottom of your ears and stop at the spot where the jaw forms an upward angle. Multiply that number by 2.
  • Measuring the length of your face: finally, measure the distance from the center of your forehead or hairline to your chin.

elegir tu sombrero idealOnce you have all those measurements down, ask yourself:

  • What is the widest part of my face?
  • What is the shape of my jaw?
  • How long is my face? Is it longer than it is wide? And if so, to what extent?


Elegir tu sombrero ideal

You are almost as long as you are wide. In other words, if the distance from forehead to chin and from cheek to cheek is almost the same.

Which hat to choose? 

If you have a square face, choose a hat that has soft lines like a beret or cloche. Those with medium brims will contribute to make your facial features less hard.

Which hat to avoid? 

Never choose a model with wide brims, because they will stop giving you that softness you are looking for in your features.


Elegir tu sombrero ideal

It has the same length and width measurement. You have a round chin, full cheeks and a round hairline.

Which hat to choose?

This type of face is favored by more structured hats such as Fedora or Borsalinos. The motif? They balance the soft shape of your face due to the firmness of the design of these models, with their wide brim and angular style.

Which hats to avoid?

Round faces should avoid, although it seems redundant, round shapes, as they will accentuate the circular shape of your face.


It is slightly rectangular, with a chin and temples wider than the rest of your face.

Which hat to choose?

You need to generate a balance, making the face look a little wider than it really is. How? By looking for wide brimmed and flared hats like the cloché, Fedora or capelina.

Which hat to avoid?

High top hats should be avoided, as they will make your face look even more elongated.


Elegir tu sombrero ideal

Your chin is the narrowest part of your face. You have a wide forehead, wide cheekbones and a small chin.

Which hat to choose?

Try to choose hats with a medium brim and fallen on the front like Borsalinos. Flip-top hats draw attention to the eyes and create the illusion of greater length, which provides a balance with the wide forehead.

Which hats to avoid?

Avoid high top hats, berets and baseball caps by all means.


Elegir tu sombrero ideal

The length of your face is approximately 1.5 times longer than the width. The forehead is slightly larger than the jaw line and the angle of the jaw is rounded. Simply put, an oval face is shaped like an egg.

Which hat to choose?

If you have this kind of features, congratulations! Most hats tend to fit you nicely, so choose the one you like best and wear it without any problems.

Which hat to avoid?

We recommend that the top of the model is not wider than the distance between your cheekbones.

2. According to height

No matter how tall you are, that’s no excuse! There will always be a hat model that will look great on you.

As a general rule, there are two things you need to be clear about:

Wide brimmed hats make a person look shorter.

Raised top hats make a person look a little taller.

Knowing this, we give you certain recommendations so you can choose your ideal hat:

– If you are small and less than 1’60 m tall, it is better to choose small hats, such as canotiers.

– If, on the other hand, you are over 1’70 cm tall, you can opt for the larger, wide-brimmed models such as the pamelas. However, first of all, no hat can exceed your shoulder width.

– If you have a height between both measures, you can choose for almost any type of hat.

3. According to your personality

Don’t forget that both the accessories and the clothes should represent the personality you have and never hide it or replace it. You don’t have to choose a hat because it is worn more or less, simply because you like it and it suits you.

In view of this, it is very important to know yourself and to know which style suits you best.

  • If you are a bohemian, we recommend that you never lose sight of models such as the beret, capelin or wide brimmed Fedora.
  • If you have a student style, we recommend that you wear firm, wide-brimmed hats such as pamelas, breton, canotier or gondolier, as well as berets, cloché or Fedora.
  • If you fall in love with the “tomboy” style, don’t forget to get hats like Gatsby, Fedora, bowler hat, canotier, baseball cap or knitted hat.
  • If the elegance of the “vintage” is more in line with your personality we recommend the delicate caps, “fascinator”, firm wide brimmed hat or the wide brimmed cloché.
  • And if grunge floods your closet, say yes to baseball caps, bowler hats, berets or wide-brimmed hats.

4. Depending on the hairstyle

Of course, since the hat will be a part of your face, your haircut and/or hairstyle must be taken into account. It is clear that many hats look better with short hair, while others will look great with longer hair. But which ones do and don’t? Keep reading!

  • With long hair: beret, Fedora, capelin and bowler hat.
  • With short hair (“pixie”, “bob” cut, etc.): cloché, pamela, Breton, rolled-up brimmed hat, capelin and certain types of skullcap.
  • With hair on the shoulder: cloché, any wide brimmed hat, Fedora, cap (for curly hair), canotier and bowler.
  • If you have bangs: flip-top hat or a large wide-brimmed hat.

5. Depending on the time of year

As we already talked about in the post “3 reasons to wear a hat”, depending on the type of season, the temperature or the state of the sky, one model of hat will be better than another.

elegir tu sombrero ideal

In short, hats made of straw, raffia or similar material, leave them for the summer. Felt, wool and other “warm” fabrics should be reserved for the autumn and winter seasons.

6. Choose your ideal hat according to the rules dictated by the protocol

As it happens with clothes, manners, etc., if we do not follow the ‘rules’ or the established codes, we run the risk that the hat becomes an unwise accessory. To avoid this, it is necessary to know several aspects that we have to take into account when choosing one hat or another:

  • As a golden rule, the size of the hat has to decrease as the day goes by. That is to say, in the morning showy or big models are admitted. However, as the afternoon arrives, the hat must be smaller and smaller until it is dispensed with at night.
  • The shadow of the hat brim should be at most at eye level.
  • The hat is not removed at any time, with very rare exceptions (if it is too big, uncomfortable…). If you wear it informally, you can take it off without any problem, but if it is a ceremony or celebration, it should not be removed.
  • According to the protocol, the ladies can remain with the hat inside closed areas such as the ceremony hall, the church or while talking to another person. It is not considered impolite.

Other aspects to consider

So that you do not lack any information or detail about the choice of a hat, we give you, finally, certain recommendations that can be decisive or, at least, very helpful:

  • The hat must sit perfectly on the head. It should never be too tight or too big.
  • The brim of the hat cannot be bigger than the width of the shoulders or it will seem that it takes us and not the opposite.
  • Wide brimmed hats are usually more elegant, while short brimmed hats are used on more informal occasions, although this will depend largely on the material of the hat.

Are you ready to choose your ideal hat? Now that you know all the keys, why don’t you take a look at our models, you have a choice!

Fernández y ROCHE.

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