A stylish Panama hat for the new routine!

Accessorise September with the trendiest accessories for your mid-season looks

For many, the year doesn’t start in January, but in September. We leave the sun, the beach and the holidays aside to embark on a new stage, with goals and challenges to accomplish with your Panama hat!


September with a trendy hat

If you still want to take advantage of the good temperatures to wear a special accessory, we suggest these three hats from our summer collection. Elegant, timeless and very versatile for the new half-time plans:

Traveller moment with the Hoki hat

There’s no better accessory for travelling than Hoki! Its linen and cotton composition, as well as its beige tone, will make it a must-have in your suitcase – a basic for the first days of autumn!


And if you’re looking for a good pamela hat… Dare with the Marbella model

A handmade work of art in the classic black and white binomial. Choose the Marbella pamela hat for that last unforgettable getaway… And with an extra dose of elegance for your outfits. Do you already have it in your wishlist?


The Aslan hat and its mix of colours to not go unnoticed!

Pure sophistication in caramel and klein blue. That’s the Aslan hat, one of the stars of the collection and it’s no wonder! Wide brim and tan tones to become the star of your look.


Take care of your Panama hat!

In addition, at Fernández y ROCHE we offer you some tips to pamper your Panama hat after being exposed to humidity and high temperatures. This way, we can keep it in perfect condition for the coming summer season and ensure it lasts a long time. We tell you more below:

  • If you notice that your hat becomes dry and stiff, apply steam from an iron at a distance. This will make your hat more flexible and less brittle.
  • To keep your headband or hatband free of stains, use a cotton cloth dampened with water and coconut soap and gently rub the fabric where stains have formed.
  • What if my hat gets wet? Don’t worry, you can fix it with a clean cloth and then dry it naturally in a ventilated place. To avoid deformation, never use direct heat sources such as hairdryers, radiators or heaters.


How would you combine this accessory in the last weeks of summer? We’ll read you in the comments.

Fernández y ROCHE.


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