Essential hats for the coolest winter looks (and don’t freeze to the bone!)

Choose the perfect Fernández y ROCHE model for your winter looks

Hats are the star accessory of this season, as we can always choose one to give a special touch to our looks. The saying goes that “you stop being cold when your head is well covered”, so your Fernández y ROCHE hat will be your best partner this winter.

It’s amazing how accessories can transform any outfit. Hats and caps have become essential accessories for fashion lovers. Moreover, there are more and more options that adapt to every personality and style. At Fernández y ROCHE we work every day to design new models that are unique for our customers, where quality and design are our value propositions.

Today we recommend some of the most interesting models for the end of winter and the beginning of mid-season, to get it right for any occasion. Continue reading:

The Tosa cap: go for gatsby style

If you are daring and in the cold months you need colour, the Tosa model awaits you, a cap that is synonymous with fashion, dynamism and vitality. Its structure made up of panels of different fabrics gives it a special style and colour.

This cap transports us to plans for a Sunday afternoon walking around the city with a hot coffee in hand. On what occasion would you wear it?

The Rick hat: reinventing the classic hat

Who says you can’t be chic in winter? If you want to be the most elegant, Rick is your ideal hat.

With its unique shape, where past and present meet, and the contrast between the band and the body, the Rick is a hat with character. Suits, trousers and T-shirts, and even dresses: everything will look good with one of the most classic hats in our collection.

The Cairo cap: the timelessness of tan tones

The perfect winter look? Jumper, oversize coat and our Cairo model. A comfortable, elegant and very warm outfit.

Cairo is a basic cap is a unique and high quality fabric that should already be in your wardrobe. Its colours allow it to be timeless and its print gives it a touch of differential colour. It is perfect if you have a style based on basic and minimal clothing!

The Dooley hat: versatility in its purest sense

With the Dooley hat, we don’t know what colour to choose: blue or camel? What we do know is that it is a hat that will allow you to play with different looks and positions. The best thing about it: one of its hooks can be removed and, thanks to its Plyfelt quality, it can be rolled up and stored with ease – perfect for travelling and still looking as good as the first day!

Wearing a Fernández y ROCHE product is a way of life: tradition and craftsmanship come together in our factory in Seville to obtain the ideal accessory for you. What are you waiting for to get yours?

Fernández y ROCHE.

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