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The new summer collection is inspired by the culture of Rio de Janeiro

Yes, we know it’s March, but we’re already looking forward to the good weather, the sea, the sand and the endless plans. That’s why we want to tell you about the idea of the new summer collection by Fernández y ROCHE.

For this new proposal we have been inspired by a cosmopolitan, frenetic and vibrant city, which, at the same time, exports calm and fluidity through its landscapes and architecture… We are talking about Rio de Janeiro. A proposal full of colour and joy, which smells of salt, flowers and Sugar Loaf.

Rio de Janeiro, the new oasis of Fernández and ROCHE

We always like to choose significant places that allow us to create a summer collection that transports us to this setting just by putting on our hats. But why Rio, what’s so special about it? We’ll tell you about it below:

For its craftsmanship

With materials such as silk, linen, leather and straw from the continent, we have created a unique line that will make it very difficult for you to choose your favourites.  It is influenced by the culture of the place, which floods us with its music and architectural style. And with the tropical climate, our hats are the perfect complement on the sunniest of days. 

For its diversity of colours

Rio is pure colour and in our factory we are “hands on” to be able to transfer this special aura to the city of Seville.

We cannot conceive a summer without earth tones and beiges, with which we give a relaxed touch to looks in linen and muslin. But we also dare with purples (you know that ‘Very Peri’ is the Pantone Colour 2022!), greens and blues.

Once again this year we’re back with the legendary Panama hat in all its versions: wide brim, Fedora style or cowboy shape, so you can choose the ideal model for your summer looks.

And we haven’t forgotten the caps, an essential accessory, which come in different fabrics and prints to add a fun touch to any of your plans.

For its eternal summer

A city that never sleeps, where there is always something to discover, where people are full of joy and good vibes. At Fernández y ROCHE we combine our good craftsmanship and the quality of the raw materials to this new project, now inspired by the carioca culture.

There’s not much time left before we can show you everything we’ve been working on these last few months, we hope you like these hats as much as we do! Don’t forget to follow us on our social networks to find out all the latest news.

Fernández y ROCHE.

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