Winter in style: meet the new Fernández y ROCHE collection

We reinvent the look from the golden age of Hollywood to the new trends

The arrival of the cold weather has made us put away our Panama hats to bring out our winter accessories. And no, we can’t repeat models this year because the new Fernández y ROCHE collection is already available!

A selection of hats, in wool and felt, inspired by the golden Hollywood of the 40s and 50s. We want you to feel the glamour of the great film stars, who are still icons of good taste and quality today. Do you dare?

From the most retro Fedora to the trendiest wide-brimmed hat, at Fernández y ROCHE, we have adapted the classicism of these famous film accessories to current trends. Ribbons with unique details, bright colours and more casual shapes, without losing any of the quality that defines our designs.

Find the perfect hat for every occasion

We always insist that felt hats are synonymous with history, taste and elegance. Fernández y Roche remains true to these concepts, in addition, because of its handcrafted manufacture with more than 130 years of history.

The new winter collection is designed so that everyone can find their ideal model, depending on the style and occasion. We know that hats are a very personal choice, but if you’re a true hat lover, you’re sure to want to expand your wardrobe, whether it’s something on-trend or a essential piece.

Here are some of the most outstanding designs for this autumn/winter:

The ROLE hat: the most versatile for travelling

One of our star models is back stronger than ever. Role, the roll-up hat, is ideal for travellers. Thanks to its Plyfelt fabric and its finish, it can be stored in very little space. What’s more, it’s waterproof!

The BURKE hat: add a touch of light to your winter outfits

Beige tones are always a hit, in winter and summer. Burke is synonymous with minimalism and elegance with its timeless cut. Oh, and it hides a secret: its double brim position, full upwards or with the front part downwards, allows you to modify it to suit your style.

The MUNAY hat: the colourful note for the most daring ones

Cloudy days will be filled with colour with the new Munay model in burgundy. A special Fedora with a bronze ribbon and maroon feather to make sure you don’t go unnoticed. Do you already have it on your wish list?

The WAYNE hat: dark blue, almost black… In cowboy style

This season, blue is the new black. And the Wayne hat is the new basic for your winter looks. Pure elegance with its denim cut and wide brim to dazzle on the most special occasions.

Go for caps!

We are not forgetting about caps in our new collection, a casual style accessory that is reinvented season after season for sporty looks and also, for the most sophisticated ones.

These are two of the new proposals for the new season: are you going for minimalism or originality?

The NILO cap: a basic for everyday wear

The flat cut is always a classic among our selection of caps. Nilo arrives in our shop with a new look: in leatherette and textured fabric. Thanks to its taupe tone, very combinable, it is perfect for the most relaxed plans.

The MIE cap: a highly original baseball cap

If you prefer a more daring accessory, choose the Mie cap in patchwork fabric. A unique, wintry print that will take your basic outfits to the next level.

Which is your favourite model from the new collection? Visit the website to discover more models or come to our shop in the centre of Seville (Rosario Street, 17). We are waiting for you!

Fernández y ROCHE.

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