Classic Film Trendsetters at Fernández y ROCHE

How does this sector influence the world of hats?

Much has been written about the hat. An accessory that has always been associated with elegance and sophistication, even becoming a symbol of social status. What’s more, the choice of hat makes anyone feel like a film star.

In this way, the actors of Hollywood’s Golden Age have become style references past and present: some of the looks they wore are still in fashion today.

But what did they all have in common? Famous faces such as Humphrey Bogart in ‘Casablanca’ or James Stewart in the film ‘Vertigo’ highlighted the use of the hat, which became the essential complement in each of their outfits. A dandy and refined touch that captivated spectators.

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Alain Delon and his ‘Borsalino’ hat

One of the most iconic film outfits is represented by the famous Borsalino hat worn by Alain Delon in the film of the same name (1970). A production set in the 1930s, just when it began to be a fashionable accessory for wealthy gentlemen.

Made of soft, fluffy felt, it originated in Italy and was created by the Giuseppe Borsalino company in 1857. The production of this type of hats was so important that they were exported to many parts of the world.

Marlon Brando reissuing the biker-style sailor hat

One of Peter Lindbergh’s best known editorials was ‘Wild at Heart’ for Vogue 1991, where the photographer portrayed the supermodels of the 90s with a biker aesthetic. And his influence was none other than the image of Marlon Brando in a sailor cap from the film ‘The Wild One‘ (1950).

A symbol of style that has been reinvented season after season and that we continue to see in the collections of all the brands. Will this accessory be one of the ones chosen by Fernández y ROCHE to make a difference in winter looks?

Humphrey Bogart: the eternal heartthrob in a hat

“We’ll always have Paris” was Rick’s (Humphrey Bogart) reply to sweet Ilsa (Ingrid Bergman), convincing her to take the plane. One of cinema’s most lauded denouements has stayed with us thanks to one detail: the actor’s hat.

Borgart, like Delon, was an ambassador for the firm Borsalino and popularised this medium-brimmed model in ‘Casablanca‘ (1942). Since then, this accessory has been immortalised in numerous premieres, becoming a versatile and timeless piece. Will there be a similar design in our new collection?

Other showbiz inspirations

Michael Jackson’s black Fedora or Sherlock Holmes’ Texan hat have also become showbiz icons. We recommend these two models from the previous collection to get inspired by their style. Get them in the ‘SALE‘ section of our website.

And you, did you know these curiosities? This and much more awaits you in the new winter collection. Stay tuned to all the news on social networks and on the web!

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