This is the new summer collection of Fernández y ROCHE

The classic Panama hats become the essential accessories of this season

We are happy to announce this great news: we have just launched the new summer collection at Fernández y ROCHE!

We already told you in the previous post that, for this new proposal, we have been inspired by a city of Rio de Janeiro: cosmopolitan, frenetic and vibrant. Seville is filled with color and joy with the new models that we have prepared in our factory in Salteras.

We are committed, in the first instance, to a main collection based on classic models, with timeless shapes and tones, perfect for each of your summer plans!

What’s more, thanks to the high quality of our raw materials and the careful process to which we subject our products, your hat will be in top condition for the next season. We give you some tips to take care of it in this article.

Opt for the purest essence of Panama hat

We are looking forward to the good weather and, while we are changing our closet for the summer season, we realize that we do not have that accessory that gives the final touch to our outfit. And what better than choosing a Panama hat, the basic that is renewed with the trends of the moment!

That’s why, in this first launching we want you to get that versatile accessory that will look great in all your looks. We sense that in Fernández y ROCHE we have the ideal hat for your new habits and summer plans, with a color palette that goes from natural and white tones, to purples, greens or blues.

Read on to see some of the new designs:

The Cortés hat: one of our collection’s star

There is no summer without our Panama hats. And, of course, without the Cortés hat, one of the brand’s best-sellers. 

But what makes it so special? Quite simply, its brim with the brims tilted upwards. A super different accessory that will never go out of style, thanks to its natural color and pleated grosgrain ribbon.

Will it be the hat of choice to accompany you in your most beachy plans?

The Mateus Hat: a touch of color to the classic Panama hat

If you want to renew your summer hat by opting for a mix of tradition and trend, we have the perfect model for you!

The Mateus hat, with its super characteristic blue touch, is made in Cuenca quality. This way of weaving in chevron allows the hat to be robust and thus maintain its qualities season after season.

The Aslan hat: contrast in brown and blue for the spring season

At Fernández y ROCHE we not only bet on classicism, but also on trend. And, for this reason, the Aslan hat will become the favorite of the most fashionistas.

Its key features: a deep caramel color, combining an indigo blue ribbon and a chocolate brown strap, as well as its wide brim.

Get it now in store and online!

No summer plan without a hat

If you are not a hat person, our caps are also a great choice. An accessory, a priori, very sporty, but increasingly used in formal looks. Here are two of our favorites:

The Nilo cap: join the English style

Simplicity is one of the hallmarks of the Nilo cap, which has become one of the brand’s classics. A model that combines a flat cut with cotton fabric, making it perfect for looks with relaxed garments and soft tones.

The Nibati cap: reinventing the baseball cap

Did you know that the baseball cap emerged in the U.S. in 1860, evolving to the current one that has a longer visor and a more structured shape? 

At Fernández y ROCHE we know that it is one of the most versatile accessories, so it is back in a new look for summer 2022: in silk and leather, with very bright colors. Discover the Nibati cap in all its combinations!

This is just a small preview of all the news we have prepared for this summer. Because you know: good things come in small doses.

And at Fernández y ROCHE we want you to get to know this new proposal in the capsule collections that we will be discovering.

Fernández y ROCHE.

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