Artisan hats, that’s Fernández y ROCHE

What do you think about handcrafted accessories? Surely you’ve never heard anyone say they don’t like this kind of product, have you?

We can’t talk about Fernández y ROCHE without thinking about it. Today is constituted as one of our virtues thanks to the revaluation of the “handmade” in the world of fashion.

Our factory shows this, thanks to our staff of craftsmen and tools that make each hat unique. Want to know more about the relationship between craftsmanship and Fernandez y ROCHE? Read on!


Each hat follows an elaboration process that ends with a piece full of nuances that make it unique.

post fabrica artesanosBut not only the “handmade” is something that little by little is becoming a world-wide tendency, the “made in Spain” already is a badge that guarantees the quality of any type of product. Tired of the typical labels indicating that the product is made outside our borders, the “Spain” brand has been revalued over time, and that is something we should be proud of. In addition, our factory is located in Seville, a city where the art of the artisan is highly valued.

confeccion sombreros artesanosThanks to all our elaboration process and care, Fernández y ROCHE hats are accessories that will pass from generation to generation without hardly getting damaged and without going out of fashion.


The quality will never be the same whether a product is made by hand or through mass production. We all know very well the difference, that “je ne sais quois” that makes us closer to the handcrafted product. What do you think about the smell? How many times have we heard that a piece can be noticed that it is handmade by the color and the touch? These kind of characteristics are unmatched.

elaboracion artesanosWithout a doubt, quality is an indisputable hallmark of this trend. It is well known that a handmade product will last longer than a mass produced one. Why? Time and money are spared, so the quality of the materials will always be secondary.

But our best ally is without a doubt the fact that you can witness the sensation of carrying a handmade product fresh from our factories. Let yourself be intoxicated by the smell and touch, as well as by the details that make it exclusive.

handmade artesanos

If you are a lover of craftsmanship or want to start trying out handmade pieces, this is your moment! Take a look at our Fall/Winter 2019 collection for men and women and choose your favorite.

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