Top 3 Christmas gifts from Fernández y ROCHE

The countdown to Christmas begins, one of the most magical times of the year. Dinner, friends, work, family, and many surprises! These days we usually get our hands on the perfect Christmas gifts, those gifts that will always be loved. We have many alternatives, millions! And yet we are having more and more trouble finding the right ones.

Still don’t know how to be original and at the same time give something useful? Then look no further, give Fernández y ROCHE!

Our top 3 Christmas gifts

To do this, we have selected 3 essential accessories for this Christmas or, what is the same, 3 ways to give away this holiday without dying in the attempt, read on!

  1. The roll-up hats

The perfect travel partner. The roll-up hats have caused a great sensation this season thanks to a design that makes it a must. Carry it and keep it in your bag or wallet without it getting deformed, the ultimate solution to every hat lover’s worst nightmare!

But if you still need a little push to make up your mind, here’s some good news! The roll-up hats are available in 5 different colors, no more excuses!

  1. Fedora hats

regalos de navidad fedoraIf you want to give a model for the rainy, snow and low temperatures, choose among the hats of our new collection AW18. Find your favorite to give away among the multitude of shades and shapes we propose. For the most classic people and for the most groundbreaking, give a Fedora!

  1. Accessories

regalos de navidad accesoriosClassics that will never go out of style, full of color and a basic. Belts, ties, gloves, etc. They are exclusive, so you can only find them in our store in Seville at C/Rosario, 17.

regalos de navidad cinturThere’s nothing better than giving away Fernández y ROCHE’s accessories, guaranteed success!

Fernández y ROCHE.

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