The 5 most iconic hats of the cinema

A hat can make a character, no doubt about it. In the world of cinema, there are many classic and iconic works that could not be the same without the presence of this very helpful accessory. From the iconic cowboy models to the reinterpretation of the classic Mad Hatter top hat.

There are many ways to become a loyal fan of hats and even more so when an iconic character is portrayed thanks to it.

For the most movie lovers, from Fernández y ROCHE, we bring you a compilation of the 5 most famous hats in the world of cinema.

Want to know more? Go ahead!

Charlot and the bowler hat

sombreros más icónicos vagabundoCharlie Chaplin turned the English bowler hat into a real icon thanks to Charlot. We all remember that character of The Vagabond, with his characteristic cane and that way of walking that still reminds us of a penguin. How could Charlie Chaplin be conceived then and now without his bowler hat?

Holly and the sun hat

sombreros más icónicos desayunoWe all fell in love with the styling of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” (1961), but much more with the accessories that Holly, starring Audrey Hepburn, wore with such sweetness and elegance. Since then, the character has become a timeless fashion icon, we all remember the black hat adorned with a beautiful maxi bow!

Sherlock Holmes and the cap

sombreros más icónicos sherlockWhat would Sherlock Holmes be without his hat? Yes, the one we’re all thinking about. The wool and check hat is already a must in the wardrobe of the famous detective created by the Scottish writer Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. He has been taken to the cinema on countless occasions and, more or less loyal to the character, almost always wears his unique cap.

Rick from Casablanca and the classic Fedora

sombreros más icónicos casablancaIt was 1942 when Bogart, in the film Casablanca, wore an elegant Fedora hat to bring Rick to life in one of the most famous scenes in the cinema. The “We will always have Paris” has become a legendary phrase and we will always have that character with the sad look and black hat, as essential as his cigarette, in our minds.

Indiana Jones and the Fedora

sombreros más icónicos indianaGeorge Lucas characterized in a simple but effective way this professor and archaeologist who did not hesitate to risk his life to recover his so iconic hat. How could we conceive Indiana Jones without it? There is no doubt that the Fedora is already part of the history of this classic film franchise.

But this hat can’t go unnoticed just like that. Whether you are a fan of this character embodied by Harrison Ford or not, you should know that the hat in the last film of the Indiana Jones saga was made in Seville, in Fernández y ROCHE no less. 

The story begins because we manufacture classic hats for the English market, among which is Herbert Johnson, which is the hat shop where the famous adventurer acquired his hats in the first three films, until from the fourth installment of the Indiana Jones saga, The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, the designer of the new hat, the German Marc Kitter, commissioned Fernandez y ROCHE to produce it, and its distribution was done through the company Adventurebilt Hat Co.

Without a doubt, the hats complement the image of the characters, giving us a clear and significant vision of them with which we come to associate a story, an era, a phrase and even the personality of the character himself.

And for you, which hat is the most iconic in the world of cinema?


Fernández y ROCHE.

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