Trilby hat never goes out of style

Trilby model is the right choice for those who are not used to wearing hats, the most talked about design in the last year

 To tell a story you have to start from the beginning: the Trilby model has been a trend for a long time. It owes its name to the Trilby novel written by George du Maurier. In particular, to the dramatization in 1894, as it has its first appearance in London and it was baptized with the name of the main character.

Trilby reached its maximum point of splendour in the 60s, when the roof of the American cars made the high hats non practical. In the 70s, hats were antiquated, it disappeared from most of the men’s closets and reappeared again in the 80s from now on where it’s trend due to the retro style.

This model is so iconic that was part of big stages, as Sean Connery’s head in the first movies of James Bond or great stars of the music scene like the Blues Brothers.

James Bond Trilby 

For more than a century, especially in the 60s, the Trilby model reached its maximum point. In the 00s, Trilby hat was fashionable back again by the accessories lovers. Now in 2020, this model has shown once again in the coolest street styles of cities around the world.

Why is it the right choice?

Trilby hat is not only a safe bet for all the hat lovers but a great choice for the ones who are not used to wearing hats thanks to its comfortable dimensions. The rounded lines, the small size and the modern shape make this accessory a discreet and elegant hat.  

Trilby’s shape is quite similar to its cousin Fedora. It is characterized for being a short brim model of 5cm or even less (Fedora has 6cm), a perforated and recessed edge on the front edge and a lighter back edge. Finally, it slightly sculpts the crown to form a drop.

This model has become one of the reference hats for autumn this year. From its appearance in the industry, the design, style and international inspiration has been attracting more and more followers.

Do you know how to wear a Trilby model?

Trilby hat is one of the “chamaleoniest” models to wear on different occasions. Actually, as a popular fashion accessory, it has a wide range of materials so it can be worn both in summer and winter. Trilby hats have retro modern vibes and it has been democratized for a long time by men and women, attracting the ones who wear hats. It is suitable for adults as for young people. 

For Fernández y ROCHE, the Trilby model is the perfect mix of the Fedora elegance with wide brim and the casual style of a hat. Therefore, you can combine it easily with casual clothes (jeans or shirts) or with an elegant style (tailor made suits). In our new collection we have some Trilby models, which one is your favorite? 

sombreros Trilby

Fernández y ROCHE.

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