3 types of hats for this spring

There is no season that we like more than spring. This season allows us to wear all kinds of clothes and accessories: some days are sunny and others are rainy.

But the real problem is knowing what to wear on each occasion and that makes choosing a good look very difficult.

Do you want to know which models are key to this changing time of year? Well, keep reading!

Hats, the key accessory for this spring

We already told you in the post The 12 types of hats you need to know”: we have the possibility of choosing between many models of hats, some more suitable for the winter and others made only for the summer. But… which is the best option for such an unstable time as spring?

We are facing a season in which it can be as bright as raining without a break. For that, we have the three best types of hats for this spring made in Fernández y ROCHE.

The Panama hats

When the good weather comes… the Panamas are with you! The classic Panama hats are perfect for sunny days and clear skies. It is a complement that will help you avoid solar radiations and will provide you the shade that you need so much when the heat is tight.

sombreros para esta primavera panamaAgainst the cold always a Fedora

For low temperature days always carry a Fedora hat with you. Choose from a multitude of styles and colors so you never lose your identity, even on cold, rainy or windy days!

This type of hat, because of its fabric and design, protects you from these three elements wherever you are, don’t forget! A unique and chic accessory against bad weather.sombreros para esta primavera fedoraRoll-up, the perfect hats for this spring

Fernandez y ROCHE’s star hats are, without a doubt, the roll-up hats. What makes them so special? They repel water, which will help you be perfect in the rain. Besides, they fit in a bag without deforming, unbelievable, right?

These models are a real novelty this spring. You have several colors to choose from, so there are no excuses anymore, don’t run out of them!

sombreros para esta primavera enrollables

You know, hats are not just another accessory. Besides giving your look a touch of style, it protects you from the sun, wind and cold, we won’t get tired of repeating it! Useful, versatile and super trendy, hats are in fashion this spring!

Fernández y ROCHE.


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