Hat wall, the new trend among hat lovers

Now that the cold weather arrives, we look for hats more appropriate to the season, leaving aside the summer Panama and the aesthetic straw hats. Due to the delicate materials used, it is essential to know how to store these hats so that they do not become deformed. In our post  “How to maintain a Panama hat”, we already talked about the maintenance of Panama hats. We recommended to keep them in boxes so that they don’t get dirty or lose their shape, but did you know that you can use them during the winter without them getting damaged?   

We showed you the new way to decorate your favorite corners with your Panama and your straw hats, those that you will no longer use until next spring-summer season and to which you can give another “life” in the meantime. Do you want to know how?

The Hat wall

Creating a little space for your favorite hats has always been an option we have never contemplated, and it will only take a few minutes! All you have to do is choose a space on your wall, hold them and be creative in deciding the combinations and position of each one.

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And you know the best part? You can hang up your winter pieces once spring arrives, so you will always have a renewed Hat wall and hats ready to be used again!

How to create your Hat wall?

First, get inspired. We recommend that you gather the hats on the floor in front of the hole where you want to place them, and play with the sizes, colors and objects around you, that will help you create a unique aesthetic. There are no rules or regulations you are supposed to follow, do it the way you want!

It’s time to hang them up. You can use all kinds of hooks depending on how you want your hat wall to look. Tweezers, safety pins, etc., everything is useful!

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Now every time you walk past your hat wall you’ll want to wear them!

Let your imagination fly

As we have mentioned, it is not necessary to use only Panamas… you can create your hat wall with all kinds of hats: caps, berets, Fedoras, etc. It doesn’t have to be composed of hats from other seasons either, it can work perfectly as a coat rack. You can even find in it, without the need for photos, a mural of memories, those who will surely keep the hats you decide to hang.

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What are you waiting for to create your own Hat wall? Show us yours!

Fernández y ROCHE.

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